How long can you stay ?

You can choose to study at our university for one or two semesters.

In what context will you study ?

Here, you will be part of a bilingual class with courses taught in French or in English.

What are the benefits ?

By integrating this class, you will be able to interact with other foreign students as well as French students, enabling you to discover many cultures and learn about the country you are living in.

  • Personal and Professional Project (Autumn and Spring Semester)

Getting to know yourself better and developing interpersonal skills through theory and practice in order to build your immediate and future professional and personal project.


  • Introduction to Foreign Markets (Autumn Semester)

Choosing and identifying targets and evaluating the potentials of the project and organising the operations of prospecting and sales in an international context.


  • Strategy (Spring Semester)

Being able to understand the business strategy and its different levels. Understanding the diagnosis and identify strategic alternatives and strategic business development.


  • Logistics and Chain Management (Autumn Semester)

Understanding the challenges of the global supply chain and the interactions between tarde and logistics.


  • E-Marketing (Spring Semester)

Knowing the marketing challenges for ICT, use the new web marketing tools and integrate e-commerce into a multichannel platform.


  • Direct Marketing (Autumn Semester)

Understanding the challenges of the relationship between customers and companies.


  • Commercial Communication (Autumn Semester)

How to set up a communication campaign: target, time management, budget.


  • Buying and Quality Management (Srping Semester)

Understanding the issues of procurement functions and quality in the business and the main methods of quality and purchase.


  • Point of Sales Marketing (Autumn Semester)

Evolution of the consumption, how to implement a supermarket or a hypermarket, and forecast the potential turnover.


  • International Trade (Spring Semester)

Management of international trade operations: what channels, how to price the international insurance, customs…


  • Commercial Team Management (Autumn Semester)

Being capable of knowing the operation of a business team: specificity of comercial business, organising the sales team, organisation of work of trade and understand the principles of managing a sales team.


  • Dissertation

Self-study subject under the supervision of a tutor.


  • Entrepreneurship (Spring Semester)

Developing entrepreneurship spirit and understanding the challenges of the creation or acquisition of companies.


  • Business English (Autumn and Spring Semester)

Improving your englsih language skills for employability (English as a second language).


  • Group Project (Spring and Autumn Semester)

Project to be carried out for a company or an association by a group of 3 to 6 students under the supervision of a teacher.

4 or 6 ECTS

  • + French as a foreign language (Autumn and Spring Semester)

Compulsory for all Erasmus Students (different levels)

​2, 4 or 6 ECTS


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